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Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

Rua José Afonso
2380-092 - Alcanena

TEL +351 249 887 300
FAX +351 249 887 309

LAT +39° 27' 23.10"
LON -8° 40' 3.07"


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    Where is Eurosol Alcanena?
  • Eurosol Alcanena is at the center of Alcanena. Rua Jose Afonso, Cabeço Lavradio.

    Coming from the A1, take the exit """"Torres Novas/A23/IP6"""" right after the toll plaza, follow directions to """"Alcanena/Santarém.""""

    Turn left into the N243 in the direction """"Alcanena/Leiria"""".

    At the first roundabout take the second exit, follow the sign Alcanena, until you reach the center of the village.

    Next to City Council follow the signs """"Monsanto/Praia Fluvial"""", through the """"rua 25 de Abril"""". Next to the Post Office, turn left onto R. Jose Afonso.

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    My credit card will be charged if I do no-show and not inform previously?
  • Any cancellation of booking must be made 24 hours in advance of the arrival date. In the case of No show or cancellation less than 24 hours before the arrival date, the first night will be charged in full.
    For cancellation of thematic programs consult the specific conditions.
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    Can I book more than a bedroom on the same reservation?
  • Yes, this aspect is included in the booking system.
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    There are special prices for groups? From how many people is considered a group?
  • From 15 persons, we believe that it is a group. There are prices for groups, but these are handled case by case, by those responsible for the groups. Please contact us.
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    There are special prices for business companies?
  • We have special prices for companies. Please contact us.
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    What types of promotions can you make?
  • We have several types of promotions. Please see our offer.
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    If I want to take my pet, how can I do it in your hotel?
  • We regret to inform that we do not allow any pets in our rooms.
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    Is Eurosol Alcanena equipped with parking?
  • Yes, our hotel has private parking.
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    Can I check out after noon?
  • You should contact the reception on the eve of your departure.
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    If I want to be notified via email about special offers, promotions, etc., is it necessary to be part of your mailing list?
  • You must register on our site by simply filling out a brief form.
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    How do I know which kind of different types of attractions exist near Eurosol Hotels?
  • We have selected places of higher interest, please consult 'Events' or please ask at the reception of the hotel.
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    How can I book a meeting room?
  • Information regarding meeting rooms are in the 'Meeting Room' section. For reservations or information, please contact us.

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