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Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

Rua Jos Afonso - Cabeo do Lavradio
2380-909 - Alcanena

TEL +351 249 887 300
FAX +351 249 887 309

LAT +39°27' 23.10"
LON -8°40' 3.07"


Belonging to the Santarm district, the council of Alcanena, made up of ten villages, is located in the transition zone between the Macio Calcrio Estremenho and Bacia Terciria do Tejo and it's characterized by fertile soils and significant water resources.
The variety of landscapes of the region is based on two distinct areas: the Mountain (north) characterized by elevated and rough surfaces of the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros, and the district (south), where the plains, low hills and slopes are extended. Here, fits the Bacia Hidrogrfica do Rio Alviela, the most important karstic spring in the country.
The birth of the village dates back, according to some historians, to the arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsular, which has inherited the toponymy and the establishment and development of the work tanning of skins.
Land of republican ideals, its history is, above all, the history of tanning, leaving little doubt as to the crucial matter of this industry to its claim as a significant center of population from the seventeenth century.
In this region, be sure to visit: the Caves (Grutas de Mira de Aire was elected one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal), the Polje de Minde, the natural sights, the Rio Alviela spring, the natural park of Serra de Aires e Candeeiros, the Santurio de Ftima, the Doll Museum, Carsoscpio/Gedromo, etc.
Praa 8 de Maio
2380-037 Alcanena
Tel: +351 249 889 010
Fax: +351 249 891 357

Campo Infante da Cmara
Casa do Campino
2000-014 Santarm
Tel: +351 243 330 330
Fax: +351 243 330 340
Complexo das Nascentes do Alviela
Natural Sights(Cabeo de Santa Marta and Serra de Santo Antnio / Minde)
Polje de Minde
Dinossaurs Footprints Natural Monument:

Telephone Fax
PNSAC (*) +351 243 999 480 +351 243 999 488
Moeda's Caves +351 244 704 302 +351 244 703 831
Mira de Aire's Caves +351 244 440 322 +351 244 449 888
Sto Antnio's Caves +351 249 841 876 +351 249 841 177
Grutas de Alvados +351 244 440 787 +351 244 449 430

(*) Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros


PLACES TO VISIT in the Region

Grutas de Mira de Aire (one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal)
Santurio de Ftima
Doll Museum
Rural and Ethnographic Museum of Espinheiro
Natural Park of Serra d'Aire e Candeeiros
Alviela Springs (river beach, beach area, picnic area, jogging circuit, canoeing, diving, climbing, mountain biking, caving, pedestrian walks)
Alviela River
Groves, eucalyptus and pine forests, field crops and weeds
Creation of Bats Caves (woolly bat, only known in the country)
Polje de Minde.
Neolithic Necropolises: Grutas dos Carrascos (Monsanto), Lapa da Galinha (Vila Moreira) and Gruta da Marmota (Raposeira)
Igreja da N. Sra. Graa, Igreja Matriz de Malhou
Carsoscope/ Geodrome (a 16 places simulator transports the visitor through the origins of the Alviela Springs, since the formation of limestone into the depths of the earth, crossed by watercourses, among abysses and caves) / Climatgrafo (the water cycle 3D) / Quiroptrio (life of the bat - April to September)

FAIRS Annual Fairs
Minde - Last Sunday of July
Santa Clara Fair - July
'Feira do Artesanato Tradicional das Aldeiras' - late July
Book Fair - First week of September

Monthly Fairs
Serra de Santo Antnio - 15th of each month

MARKETS Alcanena - Wednesdays and Saturdays
Minde - Saturdays

Celebrations of October the 5th and So Pedro
Celebration of N Sra da Penha of France - August in Gouxaria

Celebration in honor of So Sebastio and N Sra do Rosrio - August
Celebration in honor of So Amaro - January in Filhs
Celebration of Sto Antnio - August in Pousados

Christmas Celebration of N Sra da Encarnao

Celebration in honor of Mrtir S. Sebastio - August

Celebration in honor of Divino Esprito Santo - August 15th
Celebration of Sta Maria das Candeias - February in Ch de Cima

Celebration of the Sunday of Esprito Santo, Day of S. Sebastio and Sto Antnio - January
Celebration of N Sra da Conceio - August in Covo do Coelho
Celebration of N Sra da Guia - August in Vale Alto

Moitas Venda
Celebration of N Sra da Conceio - December
Celebration of N Sra das Candeias or Purification - February in Casais Robustos
Celebration of N Sra da Guia - August in Casais Robustos

Celebration of Divino Esprito Santo and of Mrtir So Sebastio
Serra de Santo Antnio
Celebration of Domingo Gordo, S. Sebastio and Sto Antnio - June

Vila Moreira
Celebrations of So Joo

May Fair - Azinhaga
National Fair of Cavalo 'S. Martinho' - 5 to 13 of November, has the highlight on 11th
Goleg Market - Wednesdays and third Sunday of each ms
Celebrations of N. Sr da Guia - Goleg - August 15th

Celebrations of October 5th and So Pedro
Celebration of Bateiras - Azinhaga - Monday to Pascoela

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  1. Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

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  2. Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

    Alcanena - Region
  3. Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

    Alcanena - Region
  4. Hotel Eurosol Alcanena

    Alcanena - Region