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Enjoy our services while checking quality in a sustainable environment.
The value of the relationship man / environment makes us believe we should be more sensitive and demanding when it comes to environmental sustainability, giving preference to products and services that are ''''green'''', but this situation can only be achieved with the collaboration of us all.
''''In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed''''
Antoine Lavoisier
Since 2006, the Lena Tourism Group takes Quality and Environment Management as a synonym for Trust and Value added in all units that comprise with this project.
The focus on the procedures standardization in all hotels in Lena Tourism Group, ensures that the procedures in place meet the Quality Service requirements, bearing in mind the importance of their role in relation to expectations and customer satisfaction.
We intend to develop the relationship with our customers, with the aim of encouraging their return, so, therefore we closely follow their views, suggestions and satisfaction, and all of those that make the services provision possible.

OUR VALUES (Politics)

Lena Tourism Group takes Quality and Environment Management as a synonym for Trust and Value added in all its units, promoting differentiation, higher levels of competitiveness and, simultaneously, higher and higher levels of performance.
The principles of quality and environment management are applied in all areas of the business. This happens in a way to ensure the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees and strengthen partnerships with all stakeholders in the environment that surrounds it.
In this sense, the Quality and Environment Policy has the following commitments:
MEET the needs of customers operating with integrity and transparency;
CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE quality, competitiveness, productivity and environmental performance, trying to act proactively to situations diagnosed subject to adjustment and improvement;
PREVENT pollution by establishing environmental and quality criteria in the procurement of materials, products, equipment and services giving preference to the best practices available in the market;
IDENTIFY and control the significant environmental aspects and impacts of all our activities through the recycling of waste produced as well as their proper management, in order to efficiently reduce the consumption of resources.
ENSURE high degree of professionalism and competence of its employees, training and motivating them for greater environmental awareness and for adopting appropriate measures and practices. It is also important to encourage continuous performance improvement to continuously develop excellent relationships with customers;
MEET the legal and other requirements applicable to the activities and services developed;

LENA TOURISM Group promotes the dissemination of the Quality and Environment Policy among its employees, business partners, customers and the general community, seeking to ensure a more comprehensive way for its good compliance


We want to improve and increase collaboration with partners with relevant activities in the community.
We participated in several campaigns supporting charities institutions through the delivery of food, clothes, toys, and other goods.

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